Here at the Pembrokeshire Cheese Company, we are proud of our Welsh roots. Our Cheddar is made from milk sourced from Welsh dairy farmers who raise their cows on the lush pastures of the Pembrokeshire countryside. Our farmers do more than just supply our milk, they are part of a farmer owned co-operative that own the creamery and make the cheese. We like it this way – who better than our farmers to ensure our Pembrokeshire Welsh Cheddar is made to the highest quality delivering a delicious flavour that makes even a humble cheese sandwich seem a little bit special!

At our award winning creamery, Pembrokeshire cheddar is made following a long established recipe with care and attention to ensure a 100% Welsh cheese that is smooth and tasty for the whole family to enjoy every day. There is something for everyone in our range, from our satisfyingly smooth mature cheddar to our irresistibly rich extra mature cheddar.